Science Lab

QY Labs 8-12 Science Lab classes have 2 levels designed for primary school students ages from 6 to 10. Student will learn the science knowledge, such as electricity, sound, and mechanics, by doing 30 experiments themselves. All the experiments are designed based on the text books of Ontario Public Science Class.

Science Lab Course Schedule

Semester One

No Experiment Name Relate Science Topic
1 Light Bug Photoresistor
2 Infrared Controlled Car infrared transducer
3 Hand Crank Generator Electricity Generated by Magnetic Field
4 Musical Greeting Card Recording Chip
5 Rechargeable LED Lighter Capacitor
6 Traffic Light Light-Emitting Diode
7 Brain Storm (1) Review of Above
8 Remote Controlled Fan Transmitting & Receiving Circuit
9 Sparkling Star Resistor
10 Solar Nightlight Voltage Booster
11 Air Raid Alert Triode
12 Light Controlled Light Photodiode
13 Fire Alarm Flame Transducer
14 Temperature Alarm Temperature Transducer
15 Brain Storm (2) Review of this semester

Semester Two

No Experiment Name Relate Science Topic
1 Vacuum Electric Motor
2 Sound Controlled Light Electret Condenser Microphone
3 Auto-Watering System Soil Moisture Sensor
4 Automatic Dryer 1 Electric Motor & Fan
5 Automatic Dryer 2 Electric Motor & Fan
6 Brain Storm (1) Review of above
7 Electromagnetic Experiment Permanent Magnet, Commutator, Carbon Brush
8 CD Car Electric Motor, CD
9 Radio Transmitter Buzzer, Transmitting & Receiving Circuit
10 Remote Control Car Geared Motor, Mecanum Wheels
11 Water Level Detector Relay
12 Gliding Car Alligator Clips with Wire
13 Electromagnetic Swing Magnet, Coil
14 Robot Cleaner Vortex, Gear
15 Brain Storm (2) Review of this semester

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Quantum Youth Lab focus on STEAM education incorporates students' Scientific, Technological, Engineering, Art and Mathematical aspects of learning.




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